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Public Computers & Services

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Computing during COVID-19

The Aurora Public Library District is open for Public Computing. Appointments are no longer required. For the safety of our customers and staff, sessions are limited to 60 minutes per day and face coverings are required at all times. We are following the governor’s orders for wearing a mask whether or not someone is vaccinated or not to ensure we do our best to keep everyone safe. Please note, we will adjust our plans as things continue to develop. Thank you for your patience with extended waiting periods during this time!

Please note, a total maximum limit of two hours is allowed in the library which may include a combination of browsing, computing, and study room use.

Computer Assistance

In order to maintain a safe distance, the Computer Assistant will provide remote help from their desk.

If you need assistance while using the public computers:

  • Remain seated and raise your hand to let the Computer Assistant know you need assistance.
  • A request to provide remote assistance will appear on your computer screen. Once you agree to privacy terms, the Computer Assistant will be able to see your screen and remotely take control of your computer.
  • Ask the Computer Assistant any questions you have by typing them into the chat feature. Please keep in mind that the Computer Assistant will have control over your computer and will be able to view all open websites and documents.

Please note: Computer Assistants can only provide remote help at this time. If you need hands-on assistance, you may bring one other person with you to your appointment.


Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes. Face coverings are required at all times while inside an Aurora Public Library District facility. You are welcome to eat/drink outside and come back in the library for the remaining time of your visit with your mask on.

Do I need to maintain six feet of social distance while in the computer labs?

Yes. Markings on the floor will let you know where to walk in order to maintain safe social distancing standards.

How do I know that it is safe to use the computer?

The Aurora Public Library District takes the safety of our customers and staff very seriously. Every computer station will be cleaned in the morning and again in the evening. Additionally, there will be a mandatory 15-minute gap between sessions at the same computer, during which library staff will clean and disinfect the computer area.

Where are the computers located?

At Santori Library, you can find our public computers in the second-floor lab. At West Branch, public computers are located on tables in the center of the library. At Eola Road Branch, public computers can be found in the computer lab across the hall from the main library.

How long is a public computer session?

One 60 minute session will be allowed per day.

How many sessions can I have in a day?

All customers are currently limited to one computer session per day.

Can I bring guests with me?

You may bring one other person with you to your appointment. This person must observe all the same rules and must remain with you at all times.

How old do I have to be to schedule an appointment?

Customers over the age of 12 are allowed to use our public computers at this time.

Can I use the public computers without a library card?

Yes. Library staff will provide you with a temporary pass that will allow you one-time access to the computer.

I need to print a document!

You will be able to print documents as you normally would. You may also email a print request to

I need to scan or fax!

Scanning and faxing are available.

Digital Services

Public Computers

Aurora Public Library cardholders are currently entitled to one hour on the computer each day.
Non-resident cardholders are given guest passes at the Digital Services Desk. Visit our Internet and Computer Policy for more information.

Wifi Access

For Secure Network

Network: AuroraPublicLibrary

Password: yourlibrary


Chromebooks are available for checkout for use in the library for two-hour increments and for use outside the library for one week.  More information on checking out a Chromebook is available here.

Mobile Hotspots

Hotspots are also available at the library for 24/7 internet access from anywhere!

  • A hotspot may be checked out by a customer (11 years old or older) with a valid Aurora Public Library card.
  • Hotspots can be checked out for 1 week.
  • Hotspots are not eligible for renewal.
  • Late fee: $5/day with maximum of $20.
  • All components (hotspot, cord, charger, and two piece case) must be present upon return for the library to consider the item checked in.
  • Replacement for the Hotspot is $80.
  • Please return Hotspots to a staff member at the Courtesy Services desk.


This service is currently unavailable.

Registered library card holders can use the esports machines for 90 minutes with two 15-minute extensions (if no one else is waiting).


West Branch:

Mondays through Thursdays: TBD
Friday -Saturday: TBD
Sunday: TBD (During school year)

Eola Road Branch:

Monday – Thursday: TBD
Friday – Saturday: TBD
Sunday: TBD (During school year)